Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eggless Mawa Cake - Saffron and cardamon flavored eggless milk cakes

Dear All,

Eggless Mava Cake,Eggless Mawa Cakes,Eggless cardamon cake,Cardamon cake

This post has been pending in my drafts from quite some time now and finally today I decided to go ahead and share it with all you wonderful people out there. Mawa cakes are plain simple cakes made out of khoya, these are perfect for tea time treats, very rich in flavor and fulfilling at the same time. I have grown up eating these yummy cakes from Parsi bakeries, I still remember my mom buying a packet of 6 small muffins and we kids would finish them in no time. I had bookmarked this recipe long time back and finally decided to give it a try few days back. I have added few saffron strands and some powdered cardamons to give it a rich and festive flavor. You can even try adding some cashews and currants, which I am planning to add next time :)

On a lighter note here's a sms which one of my friends messaged me...Once a beautiful woman was asked to describe Marriage..She said: "Sacrificing the admiration of many men for criticism of one man" ...I am not sure if you all will agree with this but I do find some truth in it :) Let me know your views

Saffron and Cardamon

Original Recipe Source - Ravum's Recipe
The recipe yields close to 18/19 small muffins
Wet Ingredients:-
1 tin condensed milk (400 gms)
1/3 cup butter, Amul is fine
200 gms mawa or khoya
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup milk (this is to be used while mixing dry and wet ingredients if the batter is too thick)

Dry Ingredients:-
1 1/2 cups of all purpose flour (210 gms)
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp freshly crushed cardamon powder
few strands of saffron
1/4 cup of finely chopped cashews (optional)

  • Grease and line 18 muffin cup cake moulds.
  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.
  • Mix all the wet ingredients together except 1/4 cup milk, heat this mixture until all the butter is melted and it becomes homogenous mixture. Cool it to room temperature.
  • Sift all purpose flour and baking powder, add in saffron and cardamon powder.
  • Mix the dry ingredients with the wet mixture, if the batter is too thick use 1/4 cup of milk, the batter should be similar to idli batter consistency.
  • Fill in the muffin liners till 3/4 full and bake them at 175 degrees C for exactly 20 mins.
  • These cakes get browned very fast so keep an eye on them if you are baking over 20 mins.
  • Enjoy these with a warm glass of milk or during tea time.

Eggless Mava Cake,Eggless Mawa Cakes,Eggless cardamon cake,Cardamon cake

Verdict:- I got approximately 19 muffins out the recipe, this recipe is very easy to make and extremely rich in taste. Adding dry fruits like cashews and currants would make a lovely combo of flavors! A must try for all mawa cake lovers! I made a batch for my office colleagues and it was a BIG hit with everyone :)


  1. Mawa Cake looks lovely! I bet it was delicious because nothing with condensed milk in it can taste otherwise! :)
    Like the addition of saffron n cardamon too!

    US Masala

  2. Sounds interesting and a good twist with saffron and cardamom.

  3. saffron and cardamom? Sounds interesting, hope can try some :)

  4. HI
    Never thought of mava cakes!!!
    Book marked for next week.

  5. loved the pic of cardamon and saffron, cute cupcakes :)

  6. Ha ha ...that SMS is funny...
    why asking our opinion darling , get married and experience it...:)

    marriage is different for different people in my opinion...

    These muffins look gorgeous !!

  7. I got to know about this cake in the Airtel add where that birdie says " 4 rupay me Mawa cake? mai to shunghne bhi na du" ha ha. have one recipe bookmarked from Anjali but yet to try. looks very very soft.

  8. mawa cup cake looks beautiful ...love the combo of ingredients u used in it ...


  9. Loved the indianised touch of saffron nad cardamom to these cakes.

  10. I have a cardamom and saffron cupcake recipe too in my draft...

    Cupcakes look lovely!

  11. OMG super super post, and love the recipe. Cupcakes looks mouth-drooling :))


  12. cute and lovvely mawa cakes. I am bookmarking it.
    Loving it :-)

  13. Muffins look very tasty. Love the flavors you have used.

    I think that quote is funny, but I think we still get admired by other men, and hopefully, we marry someone who is encouraging and not critical:)

  14. Dear parita
    How are you?
    This an wonderful bake. Now eating virtually but will try to make someday :-)
    have a nice day

  15. wow,cupcakes with Indian flavours! sounds really tasty...

  16. I am eating the cakes virtually, I remember there was this door to door salesman who would get me farsaan and these cakes in Mumbai.

  17. very interesting list of ingredients !! never tried something like this...will try soon

  18. Cupcakes look cute and delicious. Like the white shade of the baked goodies.

  19. Mava cakes... reminds us of the Irani bakeries in Mumbai. Been a long time since I had them

  20. Cake looks really divine..interesting ingredients.

  21. love the pics..the cupcakes look awesome

  22. Eggless n looks so fluffy and soft...will def try it sometime

  23. Flavorful n cute cupcakes parita .The addition of saffron is a twist i guess.

  24. Hi Parita,

    Lovely eggless cakes...I love the combination of saffron and cardamom...should be fragrant!!!
    A little icing should look awesome!!!


  25. I love cardamom and I'm so happy to see it in these lovely cakes, Parita! They sound wonderful!

  26. Mawa cake looks nice. I used to have muffins from Bakery nearby. 19 Muffins that is a good figure.

    Coming to the SMS part, I feel like it is worth getting that criticism than the admiration whose result after conversion is again a criticism.

    It is not always criticism but a hunger to see others excel. How about that :)

  27. Wow :) The cakes look yummm and happy to see a post from you after long :) I have never thought of khoya in cakes. Fantastic :)

    And yes!!! I agree with the sms :) he he. Sounds funny but true :)

  28. Hi Parita,

    just joined in through google connect...,yummy yummy...great clicks...



  29. They look soo yumm!! I am just lost staring at them. Send few to me :)

  30. Nice recipe,missed your posts,glad to see u back!

  31. Parita...no one can beat you in making eggless cakes..you Rocks

  32. Such delicious muffins. will give a try.

  33. Don't know about the "Mawa Cake"...but I do love the combination of saffron and cardamon.

  34. Oh Yumm!! Had seen these on Khana Khazana I think. Must taste grt with saffron and cardamom...

  35. Ooooooh yum! I love mawa cakes. It looks great :)

  36. Gorgeous and so delicious.
    Great recipe ♥

  37. I used to love those pack of 6 mawa cakes too. These look almost the same. Yumm! I need to make some soon :) Store-bought mawa?

  38. Your friend is brilliant - I wish I'd heard this quote before I got married the age of 24!! I would have certainly chose the attention over the criticism. :)

    This recipe looks amazing - I love that it is egg free!

  39. Beautiful cupcakes Parita...feel like taking a bite

  40. Hi Parita, i was in break and nice to see ur post dear, This cake sounds very very interesting as i love both condensed milk, and mawa with lovely cardamom and saffron flavors running around omg as I type my mouth waters , Sure i will try this and let u know. Hopefully i will make this coming week itself.

  41. Lovely cake parita.. I remember eating something similar in Iyengar's bakery during my school days too.. And about the lighter note.. Sometimes its true.. and sometimes you get all the admiration you can in the whole wide world in one(your hubby).. one compliment from him will make all pains worth it!

  42. You seem to be very creative and your passion for baked products is enormous which I can understand fro the quality of blog posted by you. I have book marked your post

  43. Very interesting!

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  45. It sounds like concoct of saffron and egg smells delicious..

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  48. Hi Parita,

    I am a regular and silent visitor of your blog. I love all your recipes and try to make them.i tried this mava cake and it came out well. Thanks for sharing this superb recipe.

  49. Hi Parita,
    Thanks a ton for sharing this recipe.
    I baked this today, and it is fabulously tasty!
    A great start to the new year :-)


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